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About the Australian Institute of Training and Development

Fostering excellence in individual and organisational learning

AITD is a not-for-profit membership association with members from all industries across Australia

Founded in 1971, AITD is a not-for-profit membership association with members drawn from all industries across Australia.

Our members include trainers, educators, consultants, coaches, course coordinators, mentors, instructors, teachers, facilitators, human resources and organisational development professionals, instructional designers and assessors.

What unites our members is a common belief in the value of continuous learning and professional development to build a thriving, adaptable workforce. By being a member you will belong to a professional body dedicated to the same aims.

Our Purpose

We are a membership organisation which fosters excellence in individual and organisational learning.

We achieve our purpose through:

  1. Developing our members;
  2. Facilitating networking and information exchange;
  3. Advocating on behalf of our members; and,
  4. Defining practice standards and providing accreditation.

Strategic Direction

Our priorities for the period 2015-2017 are:

  1. Raise the profile and brand of the organisation;
  2. Sustain and grow the membership;
  3. Leverage the expertise of the membership; and,
  4. Develop relevant products and services to enhance the member value proposition.

For more information, please see our Strategic Plan.

  AITD Strategic Plan 2015-2017 269kb

AITD's Constitution and By-Laws

As a not-for-profit organisation, 100% owned by members, AITD's operations are governed by a Constitution and set of By-Laws.

  AITD Bylaws (as at July 2016) 372kb

  AITD Code of Ethics and Professional Practice 45kb

  AITD Constitution (as at 30 Nov 2012) 210kb

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