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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Are you looking for some career direction? Feeling isolated in your current role? Ready to expand your comfort zone? Identified a gap in your skillset or just need someone to bounce ideas around with? Are you ambitious and driven, up for what many describe as the best professional development opportunity around?

Perhaps you’ve been considering how you might contribute, or you have some wisdom and experience to share. You’ve experienced the value of good mentoring and it’s time you stepped up to the role. Perhaps you know someone who would benefit from being mentored.

The AITD mentoring program brings together experienced and successful professional members with other AITD members who are looking to develop their skills and careers. Knowledge sharing, advice, reflection - together, these elements become professional development that supports the participants to grow and reach their potential.

The AITD mentoring program is offered across Australia in partnership with:


AITD members include: trainers; learning & development professionals; instructional designers; organisational development professionals; eLearning developers; facilitators; assessors; consultants; teachers; chief learning officers and more.

Mentors are AITD members who are experienced and successful professionals.They must be ethical, reflective, knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy, open to learn and available.

Mentees are AITD members who may be new to the profession or wanting to move into a different or more senior role. They must be teachable, willing to listen, open to change, reflective, committed, flexible, motivated.


Both people will benefit from the mentoring relationship. The old “guru instructs novice” model has matured into a more mutual “two way street” where both are willing to listen and learn.

Typically the mentor will benefit from:

  1. Developing their mentoring skills - giving feedback, communication
  2. Exposure to emerging issues
  3. Making a meaningful contribution to AITD and the training and development profession

The mentee will benefit from:

  1. The wisdom, knowledge and expertise of the mentor
  2. An expanded professional network
  3. Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Setting and working towards goals
  5. Identifying growth targets
  6. Career guidance
  7. Building confidence
  8. Intentional reflection

Participation in the AITD mentoring program will be recognised through a certificate and a digital badge.

How does AITD’s mentoring program work?

The AITD mentoring program will open for applications from early 2019.

A limited number of pairs in each state/territory will be created each year. There may be more applications than available places, which will give AITD an opportunity to carefully match mentors and mentees.

The mentoring program will commence in late March/early April with a webinar which will mark the beginning of the mentoring relationships. Mentors and mentees will meet at least monthly, for an hour, over 7 months, concluding in October 2019. A event will be held in November 2019 to celebrate and conclude the program.

The format of the mentoring meetings and other contact will be agreed between the participants - email, face-to-face, social media, phone, Skype. A mid-program survey will be sent out to see how things are moving as well as regular emails. At the end of the program participants will be required to submit to AITD a reflection on the program in written, visual or multimedia format which they will also present at the closing event in their state.

I'm interested. What do I do next?

You can submit an expression of interest to the AITD team who will contact you as soon as applications are open.

What is the cost of the program?

To secure a place in the AITD mentoring program, mentees will pay $300 (inc GST) upon acceptance of their application to the program. Program participation also includes a $100 voucher for use in attending other AITD courses to further the mentee's professional development. There is no cost to be a mentor, their involvement is voluntary.

More information

For more information about the AITD Mentoring Program please download the Mentoring Program Guidelines or contact our programs manager at

Testimonials from previous participants

“Terrific opportunity to extend expertise with another motivated L&D professional. Whether you're the mentor or the mentee, you'll get something from this program”. - Chemene Sinson, mentor.

"As a mentee of the AITD Mentoring Program 2016, I found working with my mentor through regular telephone discussions to be helpful and motivating. Due to the differences in our geographical locations, this approach worked well as we were able to define our expectations and my goals from the initial session. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to enhance their professional and personal development by networking with another training professional who may have certain skills and or attributes that they would like to include within their own practice as a training professional." - Justine Constable, mentee.

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with my mentee. The flexibility of the program meant that we were able to let topics and subjects flow organically. Being a mentor has helped to refocus my own L&D practice as well as supporting a real up and coming talent.”- Louise Hope, mentor

I recommend the AITD Mentoring Program to anyone who has more they wish to achieve or create, coupled with the courage and commitment to … journey towards their dreams” - Sha Paisley, mentee

“The AITD mentoring program allowed for me to share knowledge and reflect with my mentee. This created opportunities to learn about current trends and challenges within the L & D sector. We had a focus on workplace cultures and behavioural change. However, this was a two way learning journey that included self-awareness, coaching and lots of positivity!” - Shawna Murray, mentor

"The mentoring program facilitated by the AITD this year was another sign that the Institute is progressing towards a new era. As a mentor I found the support from the AITD staff to be supportive and, more importantly, timely. I had everything that I needed, when I needed it, and presented in a way which suited my needs. I hope that the Institute continues to offer this service as this part of its ongoing professionalisation program." - Dr Phil Rutherford, AITD Fellow and mentor

"Overall, I found the program really very helpful. Andrew was inspiring as a mentor! Also, the mentoring opportunity happened at the right time for me as I was in the middle of a large project and having someone to bounce ideas off was great." - Arleen LaFuente, mentee

“Being part of the AITD mentoring program has given me the confidence and self belief to know that I’m doing things I should be proud of” - Mentee

"I would like to encourage other AITD members and fellows to join the mentoring program regardless of where they live. I live and work in a rural regional area i.e. over the Great Dividing Range and so did my mentee, except we were in different states. So unlike others in the program, our meetings were by telephone and email. But that didn’t stop us in having robust and interesting conversations about training and its role in our work, in fact, we weren’t bogged down in getting somewhere to have a meeting, we just picked up a phone or sat down and started writing an email to each other to share our ideas and thoughts. That is what mentoring is about, sharing thoughts and ideas with another person and learning together." - Pam Brinsmead. AITD Fellow and mentor

“It has taken me outside of my comfort zone and given me the confidence to put my L&D VET knowledge into practice.” - Mentee


A brief video from Robin Mitchell and Michelle Ockers about their experience of the AITD Mentoring Program:



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