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Social and Collaborative Learning Essentials - COMING SOON IN MID-2020

Social and Collaborative Learning Essentials - COMING SOON IN MID-2020

Social and Collaborative Learning Essentials - COMING SOON IN MID-2020

Are you ready for the Social Age? Are you being intentional or ad-hoc when including the social element of your learning programs and organisational culture?

This online course will model best practice as you work your way through the learning process, engaging with the content, the trainer and other participants. Structured over eight weeks with action-learning projects, facilitated online content, discussions and webinars this course will give you the essential knowledge that you’ve been looking for as well as options to extend and dig deeper into specific content areas of your choice.

If you’re interested in Social and Collaborative Learning and its possibilities, if you want to engage as you learn, and if you'd like to stretch your knowledge, then this course is for you.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe Social and Collaborative Learning theory and principles
  2. Identify the functional elements of a variety of Enterprise Social Networks
  3. Design engaging and effective Social and Collaborative Learning experiences
  4. Compare features of and use a variety of public social media
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the use and purposes of communities of practice
  6. Explain the benefits and challenges of Working Out Loud
  7. Describe the functions of a range of collaboration platforms
  8.  Articulate the benefits of Social and Collaborative Learning

You should attend this course if you want to:

  1. Explore the possibilities of Social and Collaborative Learning
  2. Move beyond ad-hoc to intentional Social and Collaborative Learning
  3. Create engaging Social and Collaborative Learning experiences
  4. Integrate Social and Collaborative Learning into your existing programs
  5. Explore the tools of the trade for Social and Collaborative Learning

Course outline

There are eight modules in this course, delivered over eight weeks with both synchronous and asynchronous elements.

1.Understanding Social and Collaborative Learning

An examination of what Social and Collaborative Learning is and can be, exploring tools, theory and practical application.

2.Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)

A look at the various ESNs (Yammer, Slack, SharePoint), the role of L&D host, use of metadata.

3.On the job social and collaborative learning

Creating new formats and reshaping existing ones.

4.Public Social Media

Challenges and benefits of public social media including Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook work and Snapchat.

5.Communities of Practice

Starting them, running them, closing them. Purpose and engagement strategies

6.Showing Your Work

The benefits and practice of narrating work and making work processes visible

7.Collaboration Platforms

Considerations for uptake and user competence. Yammer, SharePoint and in-house LMS options.

8.Social Learning Strategy

Final presentation of action learning projects.

Who is this program for?

  1. Adult learning specialists and leaders
  2. Trainers
  3. Instructional designers
  4. eLearning developers
  5. Teachers
  6. HR managers
  7. Trainers and L & D professionals wanting to learn more about Social and Collaborative learning


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