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Training Room Environments - COMING END OF 2020

Training Room Environments - COMING END OF 2020

Training Room Environments - COMING END OF 2020

Have you been tasked with designing or delivering training, or a learning program? Would you like to learn more about training spaces, rooms and environments, and how they can and DO impact engagement and outcomes?


The Training Room Environments course uncovers relevant and unique ideas for creating engaging environments, writing programs that draw-in learners and retains them, and that introduces the tools of the trade that boost learning spaces up to levels that will set them apart.  This course will see you walk away with a new kit that you can use to achieve maximum impact on both the learners and the business. You won’t just learn how to deliver well - you’ll be able to discuss real-life experiences throughout the day from an experienced facilitator. 


Before you line up for a Cert IV in Training and Assessment, learn how Training Room Environments can help provide you with what's needed to deliver quality training experiences. 



This course is suitable for people who design or deliver training, or those wanting to dive into delivery, facilitation and content creation.  Learning how to create the right space is the perfect place to begin.

  • Learning Outcomes
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Create and design an effective and engaging learning space
  2. Write relevant and useful learning outcomes
  3. Uncover the stages of learning design
  4. Use eye-catching graphics for impact
  5. Create PowerPoint presentations that are actually valuable
  6. Learn how to use games to engage and energise learners
  7. Measure and upgrade learning materials

You should attend this course if you'd like to:

  1. Educate adult learners using effective methodology
  2. Create engaging learning environments
  3. Produce exceptional learning programs for workplaces and businesses
  4. Create content more quickly
  5. Improve your facilitation skills through an enhanced learning environment


Participation in this AITD course will be recognised through a certificate and a digital badge



It was clear and structured, that kept us engaged at all times. It provided a concrete foundation to build a program in its simplest form and yet open for solid content.



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