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AITD Life Membership

Congratulations to George Papallo!

Released: 27 May 2020

The Australian Institute of Training and Development membership pathway aims to recognise the knowledge, skills, experience, and achievements of the training, learning and organisational development professions. Life membership is the highest distinction that the institute can give one of its members

It was our great honour to bestow life membership on NSW divisional councillor, George Papallo, at an online event on Thursday, 21 May 2020. George has been an active member of AITD for 32 years, 7 of which he has spent as a member of the NSW divisional council, holding the role of treasurer for a number of years.

Life membership is not given lightly or often, and we have awarded this to George as a fitting recognition of the valuable contribution he has made to AITD, the high respect we hold him in and the gratitude we have for his service.

From all of us at AITD, congratulations to George and thank you for being such an important part of our community!

About George
George started his career as a science teacher while continuing his studies in industrial chemistry. Once a graduate, he began writing training materials, firstly for laboratory attendants and then for teachers in audio visual equipment and computing. 

While science master at North Sydney Boys High, he was appointed the first science consultant to train teachers in the use of science equipment. He progressed to the Department of Education training unit and was then promoted to head of professional services with the management responsibility for thirty-two curriculum consultants. 

George lectured at universities and TAFEs in science and education. Later, as CEO of Macquarie Community College he designed, presented and led training teams to win the prestigious ‘Starburst Award’ Quality Provider of the Year from Reckitt and Colman. 

In 2000, George was inducted as an AITD fellow for his contribution to the training industry and in 2007 he was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for his services to adult education. 

Now retired, he is a long-standing and highly regarded member of the AITD NSW divisional council.

AITD Life Membership
Life membership may be awarded to a member who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to AITD and its work, beyond that of almost all other members. Life membership cannot be self-nominated, an AITD member can only be nominated for life membership by another AITD member. For more information, contact



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