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Arun Pradhan

Arun Pradhan

About Arun Pradhan

Learning and Performance Strategist, DeakinCo.
& Founder of Learn2Learn App

Arun is an experienced blended learning and performance specialist who has taken the creative lead on performance-based projects for some Australia’s largest companies.

As the winner of the AITD Learning & Development Professional of the Year (2017) and the Australian eLearning Industry Association award for Individual Excellence (2015), Arun has been internationally recognised for his ongoing contribution to the learning industry.

In particular, Arun has been acknowledged for his work combining design thinking with performance consulting techniques to help foster change in projects collectively spanning hundreds of thousands of people.

He is constantly researching evidence-based techniques inspired by cognitive psychology, behavioural economics, marketing and other domains, and is adept at translating these findings into practical and contextualised performance solutions.

In addition, Arun specialises in strategies to develop learning agility in individuals and organisations, and recently launched his own app on this topic entitled Learn2Learn.


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