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AITD 2020 Virtual Conference

Online - available until 30 June (watch at your leisure)

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2020-06-30 - AITD 2020 Virtual Conference



One big positive of moving AITD 2020 to a virtual format in light of the COVID-19 crisis is that you can attend the conference at a time that suits you! While the live conference may have taken place in March, registration is still open, giving you access to the full conference recordings - 14 hours of great L&D content.

This is a great opportunity to take in the fantastic content that AITD conferences are known for at a reduced price and at your own pace. 

Register now for access to the full agenda:

Trish Uhl | What’s Now, New, Next: AI and Emerging Technologies You Can Use to Enable L&D and Transform the Way You Work 
Naomi Waldron | Quality Management Practices for L&D
Alistair Gordon | Developing Technical Subject Matter Experts
Peter Clowes | Using Game Data to Design Better Training Experiences
Chemène Sinson | Psychological Safety: A Key Adult Learning Principle
Gina Brooks | Building Resilience During Training
Cheryle Walker | How to Engage Your Audience Like a Stand-Up Comedian
Neil Von Heupt | Front End Loading
Dr Amanda Lizier | Learning in the Post-Truth Era
Michelle Ockers | Building Learning Culture
Michelle Ockers, Gina Brooks, Kathryn Hume, Lynette Pinder | Implications of COVID-19 for L&D Professionals
Megan Torrance | xAPI is Ready For Us. And We’re Ready For It.
Connie Henson | Disruption as Catalyst to Thrive
Captain Tony Mullan | Training Transformation in the Royal Australian Navy
Tania Tytherleigh | The 5 Things Disney Can Teach You About Being a Better Trainer
Terry Reynolds | Maximising Results Through Leadership and Teamwork
Tony Sloman | Own Your Space
Kestrel Stone | Enabling Agile Leadership Using Two Large-Scale Gamified Simulations
Steve Kimmens | Career Wellbeing: Working From Home During Coronavirus
Peter Hawkins | xAPI – What It Is and Why It Will Change Your (Training) Life
Ger Driesen | Start With Who – The Golden Circle of Learning Design

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