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Online 28 July 2020 (12:00pm - 1:00pm)

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Tiffany Wheatley

Tiffany Wheatley

Administration Coordinator

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2020-07-28 - Local (Melbourne)


Join Natalie Wieland, David Anderson and Lisa Shingles from Vic Divisional Council, with your lunch to talk all things video and learning.

Video production capability is fast becoming a requirement of many learning and development teams in a wide range of industries and and professions, but if you don't have skills in video production or you don't have the budget to hire an expensive video production company then how do you ensure that you don't fall behind and can still produce video based training materials? This will be a relaxed interview style approach to the topic and there will be plenty of time for audience Q&A as well as an opportunity for all participants to share ideas and tools that they have found success in.  So if you're new to video production, have been putting it into the too hard basket or just want to sharpen your skills and hear experiences, hints and tips from some learning video producers.  

Speaker Bios
Natalie Wieland is a trained lawyer with post graduate qualifications in IT. After working as a lawyer she moved into corporate training and academic teaching at Melbourne University. In 2010 she commenced CPD Interactive an online learning platform providing professional development to lawyers. She still teaches at Melbourne Law School but also is keenly interested in the use of interactive video for learning, which resulted in VidVersity. Natalie is a council member of AITD ( Australian Institute of Training and Development) and executive member of CLEAA (Continuing Legal Education Association), where she recently presented to their conference and also presented at ACLEA in Montreal. Natalie is currently a mentor at the RMIT Venture Mentoring service 

Lisa Shingles applies 10+ years of experience in video production and post-production with Adobe based workflows to tailor successful education outcomes for health, university, auto and retail sectors. Her background and qualifications include filmmaking, animation and post graduate studies in Visual Effects. Lisa is an experienced in immersive technologies and recently began working at Melbourne Business School, where she continues her work in 360 video production. 
David Anderson has a passion for video development. He is currently the Learning and Development Specialist at BSM Global. He has been developing training videos and eLearning solutions for a range of industries for the past 8 years, always operating as a 'one person band'. With no formal education in either L&D or Video production, but a natural curiosity for all things technology and an ability to quickly pick up new technical skills, the majority of his skill has been developed 'on the job', learning from experience and constantly experimenting with new approaches. As a true ‘jack of all trades’, he has experience across the full range of learning video production; in any one of his productions he is the writer, director, cameraman, voiceover artist, editor, producer and LMS facilitator!  








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