Looking for career direction? Feeling isolated in your current role? Ready for new challenges? Are there gaps in your skill set?  Want to pay it forward? 

If you’re ambitious and driven, AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor. (AITD's 2021 mentoring program) could be the perfect professional development opportunity for you. 

How does it work?

AITD 2021:  Live. Learn. Mentor. brings experienced professional AITD members together with other AITD members looking to develop their skills or careers. It’s a reciprocal relationship of sharing knowledge, advice and reflection; supporting each other, and promoting growth. 

Because we've connected with a new mentoring partner this year called Mentorloop, you'll be controlling your own connections and you'll be able to make new mentoring connections with others in the program!  Additionally, particpants in 2021 will be given the added opportunity to chat with communities of people on Mentorloop around topics that suit them!  

Typically, mentors and mentees meet for an hour or more at least monthly, over the lifespan of their mentoring relationship.  However, you and your mentoring match will be in control of your mentoring relationship, and so it will be up to you as to how often you meet, and with which method you do so. 

As a reminder, AITD 2021:  Live. Learn. Mentor. is for AITD members only.  If you would like to join our mentoring program, but haven't yet taken-up an AITD annual membership, please see the "How Do I Apply?" section below for more information. Because the program will run from January 27th - December 31st, 2021, and an annual membership is required to be active throughout the entirety of the program, please do make sure to renew your membership during the January - December 2021 period if it's scheduled to expire.  This is ensure that there are no pauses, disruptions or cancellations to your active mentoring relationships. 

Who can take part?

Mentors are AITD members that are experienced, successful L&D, HR or OD professionals. They’re ethical, reflective, knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy – and, of course, available. 

Mentor benefits include (just to name a few):

  • developing mentoring skills: giving feedback, communication and advice
  • exposure to emerging issues
  • making a meaningful contribution to AITD and the wider learning and development profession.

Mentees are AITD members that may be new to a profession, or may be wanting to move into a different or more senior role. Mentees must be willing to listen and learn, should be open to change, be reflective, committed, flexible and, above all - motivated.  

Mentee benefits include (along with lots more):

  • the wisdom, knowledge and expertise of one or more mentor
  • a widened professional network
  • improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • setting and working towards goals and identifying growth targets
  • career guidance and improved confidence
  • intentional and focused reflection.

How do I apply?

Step 1:  Register and pay (if applicable) here on the AITD website (please see below).  Registrations are open until the 27th of August, 2021 to join AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor.  But we recommend you sign-up NOW, because the sooner you register, the more time you’ll have to make some great connections and experience new mentoring journeys! 


The cost for mentees will be just $100 (incl. GST). This includes a $50 voucher to use towards AITD courses for further professional development.

If you are an AITD member and would like to take part as a mentee, please click here to register for AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor:  AITD Member/Mentee

If you are not an AITD member and would like to take part as a mentee, please click here to join AITD with an annual membership, and register for AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor:  AITD Non-Member/Mentee


There is no cost for mentors; your involvement is voluntary and very much appreciated.

If you are an AITD member and would like to take part as a mentor, please click here to register for AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor:  AITD Member/Mentor

If you are not an AITD member and would like to take part as a mentor, please click here to join AITD with an annual membership, and register for AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor: AITD Non-Member/Mentor

Step 2:  Sign-Up to Mentorloop.  Once AITD have received your mentoring registration details, our mentoring partner, Mentorloop, will email you a Sign-Up form.  This form will help you build your profile on Mentorloop so that you can get ready to start your mentoring journey.  After your form is submitted, you'll be sent a link and verification so that you can log into your own profile on Mentorloop and get accustomed to their amazing and user-friendly platform.  

What Next? 

Step 3: Communicate with your Programs Coordinator and/or check out the Resource Hub.  While AITD and Mentorloop are collaborating to process all of the keen mentoring participants, feel free to have a look around on the Mentorloop platform, where you can communicate with Jen Waltmon at AITD, who is the Programs Coordinator.  You can also access the Resource Hub where you'll find videos, user guides, documents and articles that cover everything from how to use the platform, to how matching works and how to make the most of being a mentor or a mentee.  

Step 4:  Matching.  Matching occurs once you've paid any required fees and have built your profile from the Sign-Up form we'll send to you.  This year, you have the opportunity to make your own connections with other mentors and/or mentees, all the way up to the end of this year's program on the 31st of December.  Additionally, you can join topical groups to chat with other participants in the program!    

Step 5:  Webinar.  A webinar hosted on Zoom will be scheduled in the first half of the year to answer any questions you may have about your new mentoring adventure!  Please watch this space!  

If you'd like more information about AITD 2021: Live. Learn. Mentor. please email Jen Waltmon at AITD. 


To discuss membership benefits or learn more, click contact us or call us on +61 (0)2 9211 9414.