Engage Your Audience with Visual Leadership

Gabby Hartin |  Founder & CEO, Higher Curve

Now more than ever we need to ENGAGE with speed and COMMUNICATE with ease.

  • What’s happening in your training sessions – online and in person?
  • Do you struggle to keep your learners engaged?
  • How do you facilitate shared understanding of complex concepts quickly?
  • Are you capturing the hearts as well as minds of your learners?

You don’t need to be an artist to explain your content with visuals. With easy-to-learn drawing techniques, insider tips and practical skill drills, this session gives you a quick taste of the power of visual leadership.


  1. How to communicate content through visual storytelling.
  2. 4 quick steps and 3 powerful premises to visual mastery 
  3. Quick and easy techniques to draw up a storm 

About Gabby

Gabby Hartin, as the CEO & founder of Higher Curve, is a new era leadership coach, program ideator, learning designer, visual facilitator and human performance consultant with a mission to build resilient, productive individuals, teams and organisations to thrive in an unpredictable world.

With 30+ years of teaching and leading all around the world, she’s mentored students, global teaching faculties and business leadership teams across four different continents within international and local settings. After 15 years within the Australian and international private schools sector and a Master of Education from the USA, Gabby expanded her unique approach to the business world and has been inspiring generations of individuals ever since.

On any given day you’ll find Gabby dividing her time between deep ‘thinking’, collaborative ‘doing’ and insightful ‘being’ – modelling the uniquely human traits we need for constant change and human evolution.