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Released: 30 March 2020

How awesome is the L&D community? In these turbulent times, while some people are busy hoarding spaghetti and fighting over toilet paper, these superstars below are doing what they can to share information and resources to help support others.

We'll be updating this page regularly so make sure to check back and if you have something to contribute, please contact



Our very own Michael Licenblat is hosting a webinar 'High performance Teams - How to Build Resilient Teas That Thrive in the Face of Adversity'. Taking place on Thursday 18 June, sign up here

3 times a week  – The Colin James Method are running 3 complimentary webinars a week for 5 weeks to help you and your team run virtually. Upcoming topics include virtual presentations, pitching, storytelling, training and resilience. Find out more here.  

One of our wonderful members, Gina Brooks hosts a Friday Connections event every Friday at 5:00pm. This is open to all the learning & development community. Sign up here.


To help the training community adapt, Training Industry have gathered together their best resources on remote work and virtual training. You can find them here

Alistair Gordon has written and shared a white paper that can be read and downloaded online. '13 Rules for Successful Small Group Coaching'. Download it here

Gina Brooks is also offering free 30 minute conversation slots to talk about anything you like, even if you're just popping in for chat. Sign up here

UTS have shared a bunch of videos that took place last week at 'Workplace Laboratories'. 
Amanda Lizier - 'Complex Organisations and Workplace Laboratories' - watch  here
Michelle Ockers - 'Learning Culture & Communities of Practice'. watch  here .
Shawna Murray 'Workplace Laboratories & Innovation'. watch  here
Catherine Raffaele - 'Co-Led Workplace Innovation'. watch here.  

Ivan Cunningham at The Training Network Australia is offering 45-minute business, career or personal coaching sessions to anyone who needs an experienced ear to listen to them. Find out more and contact him here.  

Check out Ryan Tracey's free Udemy course, 'The Wide World of MOOCs' which will give you everything you need to know about massive open online courses. Sign up here

The Learning Uncut podcast team are producing a special ‘disruption’ series, interviewing L&D thought leaders across the world on how they are tackling the current situation. Check it out here

Liberate Learning are making their eLearning authoring tool, App-eLearn, free to use until further notice. Register here.  

Arun Pradhan is giving away free access to Learn2Learn (enterprise) here. To circumvent the current sign up protocol, he has asked that you either: 

1) Sign in with the following pre-prepared credentials:
Username: (see below for other usernames but basically add a random number between 1 to 20 to 'stayhome')
Password: washhands.
Multiple users on one username is problematic, so you can also log in with stayhome1@ stayhome2@ stayhome3@ .... right up to
2)  Go to the same learn2learnonline site and choose 'sign up'. Do NOT put in your actual email, rather use <anyword>
Give me 48 hours to manually verify, then you'll have access (you won't be notified so record your credentials.)

Julian Davis (AFAITD) at Digital Learning Solutions has a free intro to xAPI course that you can check out here, along with a variety of articles about digital learning that you might find useful here.



The xAPI Users Group is a not-for-profit association to promote the Experience API (xAPI) in Australia. We hold regular events and provide our members with resources and assistance to implement this. Join internationally renowned expert Megan Torrance to learn how xAPI will transform our profession. Sign up here


Fast Company have written an article 'What to Expect on Your First Day Back in a Touch-Free, Socially Distant Office'. A lot to learn, have a read here

Education Media Group have kindly shared their list of upcoming webinars, and the decisons are endless with over 84 to chose from! Sign up here

Kudos to Donald H Taylor for sharing his 'Webinar Masters' ebook. 46 pages containing what he has learnt by hosting and delivering hundreds of webinars for the last 13 years. Sign up here

Saffron Interactive have a ton of useful and relevant articles for navigating our current situation. Check out these gems: 
Turning Self Isolation into Self Development - click here
Leadership in Volatile Circumstances - click here.  
Progressive Web Apps for Better eLearning - click here.  

If you're implementing a peer-to-peer program in your workplace, check out the free, online professional development course Transformation Consultancy have produced: 'Facilitating a Peer to Peer Program'. Find out more here.  

Looking for an alternative to virtual classrooms and webinars? Our Dutch friends at aNewSpring will be hosting 'Making the Most of Online Social Learning',  a free miniMOOC running from 28 April until 8 May. You'll learn how to design and implement social learning while experiencing it yourself. Sign up here

It may not seem like it right now but this will END! To get prepared for this, Degreed have put together a super helpful 'Planning For What's Next After COVID-19' pathway which you can find here

Leadership Success are donating 300 hours of telephone or video coaching to any business owner, HR team or employee struggling to cope with the rapid changes brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. Find out more here .  

The Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) are generously offering their on-demand webinar series free to non-members for a limited time (usually $30). Find out more here

The lovely people at Degreed have developed a number of free learning pathways which are open to anyone:
Choosing Resilience - click here
Building Trust Across Teams - click here
Wellness for People Leaders - click here
Employee Wellness for HR and L&D - click here.
They have also put together a fabulous activity pack to keep the kids entertained which you can download here. (Also worth checking out even if you don't have kids and fancy a break from Netflix!)

The generous team at Savv-e are showing their support for businesses who are transitioning their learning online by offering free access to their online authoring tool, How Too, which has been designed for subject matter experts, not just learning designers. The ability to publish to SCORM files is included. Find out more here.

Business Australia
are compiling a super useful  'Business Guide to Coronavirus' here to help Australian business owners and managers navigate the COVID-19 epidemic.

LMS provider, Redseed, have teamed up with clinical psychologist, Graeme Clark, to create a free course, 'Managing Stress & Anxiety in Times of Crisis,' to help manage your mental wellbeing. Sign up here.

Managing your team's transition to working from home? Tribal Habits are offering 3 free online training modules (working from home for employees, working from home for managers and cold and flu prevention), complete with a free, branded online learning platform for any organisation needing help rolling out working from home training (for up to 500 employees for the next 6 months.) Find out more here.

Vet PD Group have a fab list of resources - covering everything from picking an LMS to teaching your children at home - check it out here.

The good people at ELMO have made their recent Insights Exchange Webinar, focusing on workplace flexibility and managing a remote workforce, available to everyone here.

Our Canadian cousins, the Institute for Performance and Learning (I4PL), are posting regular updates and articles about virtual learning and remote working here

Trying to move your content online and wading through a million different platforms trying to figure out what’s best for you? Checkout Jane Hart’sTop 200 Tools for Learning to see how they stack up against each other here.

Synapse are offering a free guide, Unleash the Power of Microlearning: 4 Step Roadmap to Success, which can be downloaded here.

Our CEO, Lynette, can’t stop raving about the weekly Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee(IDIODC) videocast – catch up with their antics here.

Training Industry has a comprehensive list of training companies offering free products and services here. Fairly American-focused but still useful down under! 


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