If you’re interested in exploring ways eLearning can be designed and delivered and the methodologies and frameworks available to support the process, this course is for you.  


eLearning: Planning & Design is made up of four distinct levels of content and takes place over a five week period.

The four self-paced course levels are released each week (weeks 1-4).

There are also three 90 minute virtual classes, in weeks one, three and five and these are delivered via Microsoft Teams.

The fifth week allows participants to finalise their practical component and the final virtual class takes place in week 5.

This course is structured with facilitated online content, discussions, webinars, a guest speaker and a practical component deliverable.  It will explore different ways eLearning can be designed and delivered to suit different learning styles.  Social and collaborative learning, instructional design, L&D project management and needs analysis and evaluation principles are incorporated into the elearning design process.  Content also includes an overview of UX, UI and storyboarding.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • identify different ways eLearning can be designed and delivered to suit learning styles
  • understand the different learning methodologies and frameworks currently available 
  • use needs analysis and evaluation principles to identify skill and training gaps 
  • understand the core principles of instructional design, and
  • understand UX, UI and storyboarding


eLearning:  Design & Development is suitable for L&D and HR professionals, facilitators and teachers who want to deepen their expertise in the design and development of eLearning.

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Delivery Options

eLearning: Planning & Design is offered as a 5-week virtual, blended-learning course comprising live facilitated sessions and self-directed learning. It is delivered via MS Teams.

In-house delivery | Delivered to your team exclusively. Find out more about in-house delivery.



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