Are training programs always the best solution to an organisational problem? Analysing needs and then implementing practical evaluations are the bookends around the instructional design process. When implemented properly, they have the potential to shape processes, improve the quality of learning transfer methods and measure actual performance results. If you’re ready to improve the impact of your learning programs so that they deliver a return on investment around performance and business results, then this course is for you.


Needs Analysis and Evaluation will uncover the stages, tools and techniques used to identify gaps and evaluate outcomes to get the most out of your learning programs and ensure you are creating the most effective solution for your organisation.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the roles, stages and types of needs analysis and gaps
  • conduct gap and root cause analysis and assessments
  • compare needs analysis methods to suit various contexts
  • understand the basics around structuring a learning program
  • implement effective and useful learning outcomes
  • identify the stages of evaluation
  • analyse and report on evaluation analytics.


This course is ideal for learning professionals ready to measure and report on their programs, instructional designers needing to close learning gaps and HR professionals wanting to uncover the learning requirements of their stakeholders. 

Delivery Options

Needs Analysis and Evaluation is offered virtually, face-to-face and in-house.

Virtual delivery | A blended-learning course comprised of self-paced content to start with, followed by 2 live virtual classroom modules run over one day and finally, a live interactive webinar where all learners will meet with the course facilitator 2 weeks after the classroom modules finish, or a full 1 day course without the interactive webinar. Access to Zoom is required. Please note, online dates are aligned to each course specifically.  Please only register for a course when you can attend all exact dates listed.  Feel free to reach out to the programs team if you have any questions about attendance.

Face-to-face delivery | 1-day, face-to-face course in CBD locations across Australia.

In-house delivery | Delivered to your team exclusively, online or in a location of your choice. Find out more about in-house delivery.


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