Looking for career direction? Feeling isolated in your current role? Ready for new challenges? Are there gaps in your skillset?  Want to pay it forward? 

If you’re ambitious and driven, AITD's mentoring program could be the perfect professional development opportunity for you. 

AITD's mentoring program brings experienced professionals together with others looking to develop their skills or careers. It’s a reciprocal relationship of sharing knowledge, advice and reflection while supporting each other and promoting growth. 

Who can take part?

The 2022 mentoring program is open to AITD and NZATD members.


Mentors are usually experienced, successful L&D, HR or OD professionals. They’re ethical, reflective, knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy – and, of course, available. 

Mentor benefits include:

  • developing mentoring skills: giving feedback, communication and advice
  • exposure to emerging issues
  • making a meaningful contribution to AITD and the wider learning and development profession.

Mentees may be new to a profession or may want to move into a different or more senior role. Mentees must be willing to listen and learn, should be open to change, be reflective, committed, flexible and, above all, motivated.  

Mentee benefits include:

  • the wisdom, knowledge and expertise of one or more mentor(s)
  • a widened professional network
  • improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • setting and working towards goals and identifying growth targets
  • career guidance and improved confidence
  • intentional and focused reflection.

How does it work?

The second cohort of the 2022 mentoring program will run from 20 July to 31 December.

Once you have registered, you will be given access to the Mentorloop platform to complete a profile. Based on this information, you will be matched with a mentor/mentee.

Mentors and mentees can set their own schedule of meetups, but we encourage you to meet (either in person or virtually) at least once a month across the duration of the program.

As the program progresses, you will also have the option to reach out to others in the program to broaden your horizons and expand your network further.

How much does it cost?

  • Registration is $250 for mentees.
  • There is no registration fee for mentors.

How do I apply?

AITD members can register on the website:

NZATD members can register by contacting our programs team:

Please note:

  • The program commences on 20 July 2022.
  • Registrations will be accepted up to 19 July 2022. 
  • The program concludes on 31 December 2022.
  • The program is hosted on the Mentorloop mentoring platform.
  • Details on how to access Mentorloop will be provided within 2 working days* of registering or after payment has been recived.

To discuss membership benefits or learn more, click contact us or call us on +61 (0)2 9211 9414.