Are you a trainer, instructor, teacher or educator? Consultant, coach or course co-ordinator? Mentor, designer, facilitator or assessor?

If you've answered yes, then you've found the right tribe for you.

A diverse community with a common cause

Our members come from a vast range of backgrounds and a huge variety of organisations. But what we all have in common is a belief in the value of continuous learning and ongoing development to build a thriving and adaptable professional workforce.

Support throughout your career

AITD membership opens up a multitude of benefits and opportunities specifically designed to help L&D professionals flourish in their careers, whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned professional with years of experience. Check out our full list of member benefits.  

Find your place

We have a range of membership options tailored to your circumstances, whether you are a student, early in your L&D career or an experienced professional.  Our friendly team is available to assist as required.  

Professional MemberInternational MemberStudent MemberAssociate FellowFellowCorporate Membership
Do you hold an L&D related qualification, OR work in a L&D role, OR have an interest in L&D?Do you live outside Australia, and hold an L&D related qualification, OR work in a L&D role, OR have an interest in L&D?Are you currently enrolled in a L&D related qualification, OR
are a recent graduate, with less than 3 years’ experience in an L&D-related role?
Are you tertiary qualified with 5 years experience in the L&D sector?Are you tertiary qualified with 10 years experience in the L&D sector?Does your organisation have at least 5 people working in L&D related roles? 


Setting the standard for learning and development

AITD membership is a mark of excellence. All of our members agree to adhere to a common set of values and have a professional interest in the L&D or related field.   We recognise high standards through our 

  • Awards in excellence 
  • Annual conference with leading thinkers and practitioners in the L&D space 
  • Mentoring for up and comers in the L&D sector
  • The leading training and development magazine published quarterly, with recognition for service to the community
  • Digital badges and CPD points recognition for completing courses and contribution to the profession via AITD.

Have a question about membership? The AITD team is always happy to help. Click contact us or call us on +61 (0)2 9211 9414.