If you are wanting to explore creating in-house videos for learning, training or workplace engagement, then this course will provide the essential video production skills to create your videos. 


This course is ideal for L&D professionals wanting to explore video production for training, education or workplace videos. Delivered as a one day course with three-part sessions to guide you step-by-step to design and create videos for your organisational projects.

You will learn about the types of videos we use in designing for learning experiences and how to storyboard, script, prepare, film, edit, and publish.

In a practical approach to learning, course participants will produce a video together.

Session 1: Pre-Production (Strategy & Storyboarding) 

Session 2: Production (Filming) 

Session 3: Post-Production (Video Editing) 


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

·       create a journey map for creating videos from pre-production to production. 

·       apply the key principles of designing learning into video production

·       create basic storyboarding to meet learning outcomes

·       build foundational knowledge in assessability for video production 


This course is ideal for learning professionals wanting to explore video, the use of video and getting creative. 

Delivery Options

Design in Video Production is offered virtually and in-house.

Virtual delivery | 1 day (3 - part series) 

Face-to-face delivery | not available. 

In-house delivery | Delivered to your team exclusively, online or in a location of your choice. Find out more about in-house delivery.

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