AITD Board of Directors

It's the end of an era as we thank and say goodbye to our former national president, Jane Calleja. Jane has been an enthusiastic leader and we could not have been happier with the support and commitment she has shown to the organisation and industry as a whole.

Over the last 3 years of her presidency, Jane has supported the rollout of local personal development and networking opportunities nationally. We look forward to continuing working closely with Jane as she remains an active member of the SA divisional council. If you are in SA attending a local event, don't be shy to say g'day! 

Our board of directors consists of a diverse group of professionals with a broad range of skills and knowledge. Directors are elected by members of their division or are co-opted by the board under the AITD constitution. 

Your new board of directors are as follows: 

Michael Werle MAITD
National President | Victoria/Tasmania 

Rob Turner MAITD
Vice President | New South Wales 

Andrew Hart AFAITD
Treasurer | Western Australia 

Graham Doering FAITD
Company Secretary | Australian Capital Territory

Siobhan Sutherland Rogers MAITD
Director | New South Wales

Veena Iyer MAITD
Board Member | Queensland/ Northern Territory

James Kmet MAITD
Board Member | South Australia