Turning Up the Heat for Adaptive Learning

Natalie Richardson | Head of Client Delivery, Inkling

Traditionally, learning and development has centred on how we support people to develop specific knowledge and skills to take on known challenges in the workplace. As our environment rapidly changes, we are increasingly facing adaptive challenges: unseen-before, complex issues with no clear solution which cannot be solved with technical knowledge and skills. How do we train people in organisations to navigate this new normal?

What is needed is a radical shift in the way we approach L&D – to move from filling people’s cups, to expanding their capacity - and fast. 

As it turns out, nothing expands and accelerates more than applying a little heat.

  1. Understanding technical and adaptive challenges and how L&D needs to evolve to support people and organisations to address them.
  2. A framework developing capacity, not just capability.
  3. The power of 'heat experiences' and how to capitalise on them.

About Natalie

Natalie is the Head of Client Delivery at Inkling, with over 20 years’ experience helping leaders and organisations co-create thriving cultures and propel purpose-driven growth.

In her work as an executive coach, facilitator and advisor, Natalie partners closely with senior executive teams to navigate complexity, solve for adaptive challenges and execute sustainable strategic outcomes that deliver value for communities and whole systems. She is a frequent speaker on strategies for well-being and performance, systems change and value creation, and is an award-winning learning designer. Her work is backed by over a decade of study in applied positive psychology, adult education, design and futures thinking, and an extensive career leading APAC teams in human, business and organisational development.