Welcome to the world of eLearning! Whether you’re interested in eLearning and its possibilities, if you're considering transitioning content into an eLearning format, or if you’re already creating eLearning and want to consolidate and stretch your knowledge, then this course is for you.

Module 2: Design

●      Week 1

○      Design: explore different ways eLearning can be designed

○      Visual Design

○      Colours

○      Accessibility

○      Adaptation

○      Delivery:  explore different ways eLearning can be delivered

■      AITD Course - Social and Collaborative Learning Essentials

●      Week 2

○      Project Management: different ways eLearning can be project-managed

■      AITD Course - L&D Project Management

○      Methodologies and frameworks covered in detail

●      Week 3

○      Conducting an analysis of a brief and project

■      AITD Course - Needs Analysis and Evaluation

○      Instructional Design (includes content by a guest speaker)

■      AITD Course - Instructional Design

●      Week 4

○      UX and UI

○      Storyboarding

●      Project