AITD July Webinar: The Next Normal: Evolving L&D in the New World of Work - JD Dillon and Drew Maguire

11:00am Thursday, 23 July 2020
12:00pm Thursday, 23 July 2020
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The pandemic changed the way work is done almost overnight. Working from home was an exception. Now it’s the standard. Great customer service previously required close, sustained interaction. Now, it requires quick, physically distant engagement. Employees are doing their best to adapt and break habits developed over years in order to build new ones that will keep them safe and productive on the job.

We didn’t have a plan for this. But who could have? Instead, L&D has just been trying to keep up. We moved classroom sessions online. We launched digital communication tools. We paused planned training programs in favour of timely topics, such as health and safety.

Now, the world is reopening, but the changes will continue. Organizations are trying to find their next normal. At the same time, we must determine the role L&D will play in helping to create our new world of work. What skills will we need to help organizations overcome ongoing disruption? How can we leverage technology to increase our learning agility? How can we build solutions faster while also improving our impact on employee performance and business results?

Join AITD, Capability Group and JD Dillon from Axonify for a practical conversation on the not-so-distant future of workplace learning.

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