Friday 45: Calibrating the 'New Normal'

1:00pm Friday, 26 June 2020
1:45pm Friday, 26 June 2020
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Are you hungry for a lunchtime space that will satisfy your appetite for Learning and Development?

Join us for the first of four, Friday 45 events where we seek the opportunity to create themed, active, conversational spaces that will support innovative thinking and manifest practical tools that you can apply to your work practices.

In this session we explore the question: "How might we recalibrate in this normal?"

As we return (or perhaps don’t), to our physical workplaces and learning environments, what does this looks like for you? Share your experiences or listen to those of others as we traverse the innovation and possibilities that have been uncovered from our recent need to adapt to new ways of working. 
The WA AITD Local Council invite you to 'think out loud' with others as we share our ideas and insights. 

Bella Broadway: speaker, facilitator and connector passionately creating inclusive, diverse and suicide safer communities.

Lucy Smales: learning designer, trainer and facilitator, eagerly enlivening radical collaboration in our learning spaces.

Although facilitated this space will be informal - so feel free to enjoy your lunch, bring a cuppa, go for a walk, and turn your camera off. Just make sure you join us! 

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