Maximising L&D goals and outcomes using adaptive learning and AI

4:00pm Wednesday, 25 October 2023
5:00pm Wednesday, 25 October 2023

The task of developing personalised learning experiences at scale is the ultimate challenge for learning and development professionals. Reducing or minimising gaps in individual competency can lead to improved engagement, increased productivity, and reduced risk. During this webinar we will explore the use of AI learning technology to enhance the competency of staff within organisations.

By recognising that individuals possess varying levels of pre-existing knowledge and skills; the webinar will elaborate on the value of adaptive AI learning in supporting personalised learning journeys. Through the leveraging of evidence-based AI technology, L&D leaders can create tailored learning experiences that address specific skill gaps and optimise the time required to achieve competency.

Most importantly, this webinar will draw on global case studies across millions of learners to provide valuable insights for L&D leaders, seeking to harness the power of AI to support their staff's professional development.

Key Takeaways:

1. How adaptive learning can enhance L&D goals and outcomes

2. How adaptive learning can also enhance business outcomes

3. The importance of using an evidence-based approach that supports organisational challenges


Dr Khurram Jamil

Dr. Khurram Jamil is President Global Markets for Area9 Lyceum, a global leader in AI adaptive learning, where he focuses on regional expansions and partnerships, as well as overseeing projects for all levels of education and training.

Dr. Jamil’s entrepreneurial experience extends over 20 years. He has successfully led dozens of teams comprising of medical professionals and educational scientists, spearheaded large development and partnership efforts, and managed multi-million-dollar educational software development projects.

After earning his medical degree in Denmark in 2002, Dr. Jamil chose to advance health care outside of the clinical arena, through the development of novel educational simulators at Laerdal Medical.

He co-founded Area9 in 2006 to evolve and expand these concepts beyond health care, while partnering with McGraw-Hill Education to deploy adaptive learning technology. Since then, more than 25 million students have used LearnSmart & SmartBook (property of McGraw-Hill Education – acquired in 2014).

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