Unlearning leadership: Drawing from leadership lessons from the past to drive a better future

6:00pm Wednesday, 6 December 2023
7:30pm Wednesday, 6 December 2023
Local Event
ECU Engagement Hub
Floor 1 - Room WE.1.102, 491 Wellington Street
Perth, Western Australia 6000

Join the WA divisional council in the quest to redefine leadership, drive change, and build a better future!

In this thought-provoking event, we will explore the concept of unlearning leadership with Edith Cowan University’s Associate Dean - Ben Farr-Wharton, as our key speaker.

We will dive into what has happened throughout history to uncover the successes and failures of the past, and how to pave a new and more effective approach to leadership in today's complex and fast-paced world.

Don't miss out; secure your spot at the "Unlearning Leadership" event and be a part of the leadership revolution!

Key Takeaways:

  • A renowned expert will deliver an inspiring talk on the power of unlearning and how to draw from the lessons of the past to shape the future of leadership.
  • A unique opportunity to challenge your perceptions, learn from the past, and lead with vision and purpose.
  • Cultivate innovative thinking and a forward-looking approach to leadership, breaking away from rigid, outdated mode
  • Connect with fellow Learning & Development professionals, share experiences, and build a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the future of leadership.

About the Presenter: 

Ben Farr-Wharton, Associate Dean (Business Administration)
Edith Cowan University - School of Business and Law

Ben’s research specialises in employee wellbeing and compassion. For the last decade, he has worked with a broad array of organisations across the globe to enhance workplace productivity through wellbeing, inclusion, and psychosocial safety initiatives.

Please note:

Members: FREE
Non members: $20.00 

Light refreshments will be provided, please indicate any dietary requirements

Registration at the event from 5.30pm.

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