What We Learned By Going Virtual in Two Days

1:00pm Tuesday, 9 June 2020
2:00pm Tuesday, 9 June 2020
Montgomery Crescent
Taree, New South Wales 2430

In March 2020, AITD turned an onsite, face-to-face conference completely virtual in just two days. What were the lessons learnt? What would they do again, and what would they do differently? And going forward….what should the rest of us consider as we find new ways of working within our current digital world? Alistair Gordon, one of AITD 2020’s conference keynote speakers, will host a panel of experts and the AITD CEO, as we dive into data, feedback and questions from the (virtual) floor. Don’t miss this interactive and fun webinar, and the opportunity to share your thoughts, and connect with others to discuss our brave new virtual world!

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