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AITD provides industry-leading resources for Training, Learning and Development and HR Professionals




Business Journals and eBooks


AITD provides members with access to 4,500+ Business Journals and Magazines, including Harvard Business Review, as well as 8,000+ Business eBooks covering business, leadership, management, human resources, and more!

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                4,500+ Business Journals
                8,000+ Business eBooks

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Articles and Information


Members can access essential reading for training, learning and development and HR professionals keen to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments within the industry.


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Find a Training Specialist


We offer two ways to find your next training specialist - you can either search for a training specialist or post a job and one of our members will find you!


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Training & Development Magazine


Our Training & Development magazine is seen as an industry leading magazine and is consistently rated by members as the most valuable benefit of AITD membership. The magazine is posted to all members free of charge. For non-members, an annual subscription is $135 (inc GST) for four issues.


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