FRIDAY 45: When you don't know, what you don’t know

1:00pm Friday, 24 July 2020
1:45pm Friday, 24 July 2020
Local Event
., Western Australia .

All humans have blind spots. Things that are known to others but not to us that we wish we knew when look back at situations with hindsight. The same can be true for our workplaces. 

As we face a future where multiple versions of ‘unprecedented times’ may become the new normal, we recognise that organisations and the market can be blindsided by seemingly unknown threats.

In our second Friday 45 session, WA Divisional Council invite you to ‘look into the Johari window’ and join us at this facilitated session we will challenge each other to think convergently and creatively about the future and what unknown challenges and opportunities may be lurking to drive us forward into the future.

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Tiffany Wheatley

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This is a virtual meet up conducted via Zoom. You will be sent out the meet up link prior to the session. Feel free to join with your video on or off, and to go about your day, talk a walk, eat lunch – whilst connecting in with the learning community.  Our event presenters are: Bella Broadway: speaker, facilitator and connector passionately creating inclusive, diverse and suicide safer communities (MAITD) and Lucy Smales: learning designer, trainer and facilitator, eagerly enlivening radical collaboration in our learning spaces (MAITD)