Cheryle Walker is a digital learning consultant, facilitator and instructional designer of live online workshops, webinars and events. She works almost exclusively in the virtual world, connecting and creating impactful interactions, using technology to teach, to communicate, design, curate and to influence with esprit!

Her book, Leverage LIVE Online (published in 2021), is a transformational text on overcoming webcam fatigue, creating empathy, building relationships and promoting inclusion in virtual environments.

Cheryle is a perceptive value creator with 20 years of experience in using web-conferencing software to hold and engage a live online audience. She also has spent over 10 years consulting within an appreciable kitchen-sink of industries and sectors. She now specialises in helping organisations motivate, manage and measure hybrid and remote teams.

Participants and clients who work with Cheryle speak enthusiastically of her depth of expertise, generous advice, flexibility, professionalism and transformational ideas.